After Six Long Years, a New “Kitten” is Finally Out of the Hat

A large-scale Iranian espionage operation has largely managed to remain undetected for at least six years. Recently, security firm Check Point has managed to uncover the hacking group’s attack methods and hacking tools.

Under the hood

According to Check Point, the Iranian state-backed APT group Rampant Kitten has carried out several surveillance operations on its victims.

  • The group has been targeting dissidents and members of the global Iranian diaspora, anti-regime organizations, Iranian minorities, and resistance movements.
  • The group used a wide extent of malware families, including four variants of Windows info stealers (TelB Variant, TelAndExt Variant, Python Info-stealer Variant, and HookInjEx Variant) and a potent Android backdoor disguised inside malicious apps.
  • With these tools, the hackers intended to steal the victims’ personal documents, as well as access to their Telegram Desktop and KeePass account information via phishing pages. 
  • The use of the Android backdoor enabled the hackers to steal 2FA codes from SMS messages, record the phone’s voice surroundings, and others.

Recent threats targeting 2FA

Several state-sponsored threat actors are now capable of bypassing 2FA using their malicious tools. In recent attacks, few other hackers were seen bypassing the 2FA mechanism easily.

  • In August, several vulnerabilities in the Fizikal platform, an Israel-based gym app management platform, left thousands of users’ accounts exposed to a 2FA-bypass attack.
  • In May, the AnarchyGrabber trojan enabled threat actors to disable 2FA on the victim’s system to distribute the trojan on Discord.

The bottom line

Many users and organizations use 2FA to boost the safety of their accounts. Attacks or tricks to bypass the 2FA mechanism can provide a special capability for the hackers. Thus, organizations are recommended to deploy additional layers of security for protecting their sensitive data.

Importance And Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance Policy

Usually, different insurance policies are brought to protect different valuables. An umbrella insurance policy is a type of an extra liability insurance used by many businesses. This insurance is crafted to protect the insured against significant claims and lawsuits and ultimately helps to protect the insured’s assets and the business.

What is an umbrella insurance cover?

Umbrella insurance policies cover for significant property damage where the standard insurance liability limit may be exhausted. Such a policy is apt for individuals and professionals such as doctors, lawyers and non-profit volunteers. An umbrella policy helps you fill the void left by your standard primary policies. Usually, buying an umbrella policy from the same insurer not only enhances the coverage of your primary policy but also can get you the policy at a discounted rate.

How umbrella insurance works?

Most types of insurance provide one specific kind of coverage. For instance, your motor insurance policy protects you in case of a car accident, while your homeowner’s policy covers your house, and the belongings in it, against fire, theft or damage. By contrast, umbrella insurance is a single policy that covers most aspects of your financial life. In India, umbrella insurance policy and package insurance policy are used in same sense like householder’s umbrella insurance, shopkeepers umbrella insurance, office package insurance, farmers package insurance, doctors package insurance, business package insurance, etc. Common sections of these policies provide coverage against fire and allied perils, burglary, electronic equipment and other domestic appliances, loss of money/cash due to assault and personal accident.

How umbrella insurance policy is beneficial

An umbrella policy provides an extra layer of security to an insured person and is considered as a progressive step in the insurance realm. Umbrella insurance is an extremely progressive product offered by insurance companies. Not only does it ensure your peace of mind, but also makes you feel additionally secure. You can be benefitted in the following ways, if you buy an umbrella insurance policy.

·     It is beneficial for your multiple assets which you possess.

·     You will get covered for personal liability, legal liability and other common property risks.

You can buy an umbrella insurance policy at cheaper rates if you buy it from the same insurance provider availing section discounts.

·     Many insurance providers allow reinstatement of sum insured during the policy period.

·     It covers you against such threats, dangers and unforeseen circumstances which are not covered by any single standard insurance policy.

·     It provides broader coverage on various types of primary insurances with flexibility to choose the required sections for the desired sum insured.

·     It provides a hassle free renewal of all the opted sections in a single stroke.

·     It comes with number of rider options that a policyholder can choose from for a comprehensive coverage

Importance of an umbrella insurance policy

Insurance is a tool to protect your valuables. Umbrella insurance can assure peace against future expenses. The claim process is hassle-free and quick, provided one submits the necessary, valid documents that are required. Umbrella insurance helps protect your precious assets and future. It is also called as extra liability insurance that is designed to protect an individual from any lawsuits or huge claims.

Cost of an umbrella insurance policy


An umbrella policy may not be effective in certain scenarios such as war, intentional criminal acts and contractual liabilities. It also does not cover damages caused during transit, motor vehicles and body illnesses. If your requirement is an extra cushion with your insurance policy, umbrella insurance policy may be your best bet. The cost of an umbrella policy depends on how much coverage you purchase, and the coverage sum insured you opted for. The more policy sections you opted and the more sum insured you have selected, the more it will cost. But umbrella insurance is quite cheap compared to other individual types of insurance policies, especially considering how much policy sections it provides.

Umbrella insurance policy in Indian context

In Indian context, there are insurers who provide a package of 13-14 individual policies in a single umbrella cover with separate sum insured, add-on covers, excess limits and exclusions. The flexibility to choose any number of sections, sum insured or add-on covers rested with the proposer. Surprisingly insurance products such as business interruptions, electronic gadgets and fidelity guarantee are part of them.

Globally, an umbrella insurance policy is extra liability insurance coverage that goes beyond the limits of the insured’s homeowners, auto or watercraft insurance. It is effective to offset certain types of lawsuits and legal processes. It also protects against libel, vandalism, slander and invasion of privacy. The drop-down feature fills the void in umbrella policies and enhances their coverage.

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