Americold hit by cyberattack services are downed

Americold hit by cyberattack services are downed

US cold storage company Americold has been struck by what seems to be a ransomware attack impacting business operations.

The 117-year-old firm operates temperature-controlled warehouses and transport to support the chilly chains necessary to provide, by way of instance, vaccines such as the one being manufactured by Pfizer and BioNTech for COVID-19.

But in a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company disclosed that its IT system was struck by an unspecified”cybersecurity episode” on Monday.

“As a preventative measure, the business took immediate actions to help include the episode and executed business continuity strategies, where appropriate, to keep ongoing operations. The business has educated and is working closely with law enforcement, cybersecurity specialists, and legal counsel,” it stated.

“Security, in all of its forms, remains a high priority in Americold, and the corporation will continue to seek to have all proper steps to further protect the integrity of its information technology infrastructure, information and client information.”

With total earnings in 2020 so much exceeding $1.4bn, Americold would surely look like a prime candidate to grapple using”human-operated” ransomware. The character of its business also suggests that operational reverses could seriously affect clients, possibly piling the pressure to cover to restart business-as-usual.

One truck driver took to Twitter on Monday to place an image of an influenced Americold depot from the mid-west. “They cannot assign me into a doorway.

“To be able to fortify the safety ecosystem, companies should not simply concern themselves with their safety practices but maintain their suppliers and providers to accounts,” he added. “The UK is making some headway in this way by requiring the Cyber Essentials certificate for specific industries. Other businesses would be wise to follow suit”.

US cold storage firm Americold has been struck by what is a ransomware attack impacting small business operations.

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