Armed Forces confirm hacking of their data network

Armed Forces confirm hacking of their data network

The Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) verified that there was a cyber assault on its information network yesterday.

Armed Forces chief General Tan Sri Affendi Buang verified the Armed Forces’ data system and the site had been targetted at a cyber attack lately.

In a statement today, he stated the assault was discovered from the Cyber Defence Operation Centre (CDOC) along with also the newly-launched Cyber and Electromagnetic Control (BSEP).

But he said the assault only involved specific sections that were put from the community from the very start and didn’t impact the actual functioning of this portal site.

He promised that the assault failed to impact the real operations of the portal site.

By Affendi, both divisions had employed network segregation to conceal the place of categorized data.

“When the assault happened, both the branches and CDOC isolated data visitors to conceal the place of critical data and guard the network targetted from the hackers.

“The cyberattack failed to impact the real operations of the portal site and just successfully hacked particular segments which were placed out the community from the start,” he explained.

“Soon as the attack started, BSEP and CDOC implemented data traffic segregation to obscure the true location of the classified info and so protect the community targeted by hackers.

“The ATM can also be conscious of the ongoing cyber attack efforts on the data network possessed by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and ATM,” he explained in a statement now.

Affendi also disclosed that there were continuing efforts of cyber attacks on information systems possessed by the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces, including that they’d remain vigilant in protecting the significant database from being murdered.

“The Armed Forces will keep on monitoring and enhancing our cybersecurity, where the BSEP and CDOC play an essential role not just in protecting and strengthening the Armed Forces’ communications, but also the tactical communications network for government “

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