brazil is creating a cyber attack response network

Brazil is creating a cyberattack response network to promote rapid response to cyber threats and vulnerability through coordination between federal government agencies.

Created by a presidential order signed on July 16, the Federal Cyber ​​Incident Management Network will include the Institutional Security Office of the presidency and all other structures and organizations under the control of the coalition government. Public companies, large mixed companies, and their affiliates can voluntarily become members of the network.

The network will be Lead by the Information Security Department of the Institutional Security Office in the presidency, through the Government Center for Prevention, Treatment, and Response to Cybersecurity Incidents.

The Digital Secretary, which operates under the Special Secretariat for Management and Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy, will play a strategic role in the development of this network. The DGS is the core body of the SISP, a system used to plan, coordinate, organize, operate, manage and direct provincial government information technology resources in more than 200 bodies.

Having a quick knowledge of the attacks and possible risks will allow the Secretariat to inform other organizations to enforce the necessary measures to prevent, He noted, adding that other areas of focus may include the development of guidelines and training to address major problems.

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