October 6, 2022
Chinese hacking group IndigoZebra APT Targets Afghan Government

Chinese hacking group IndigoZebra APT Targets Afghan Government

IndigoZebra APT Targets Afghan Government With fake email and abusing Dropbox API to Mask malicious traffic.

On Thursday, Check Point Research (CPR) said that the Office of the President of Afghanistan, representing President Ashraf Ghani, is being used as a lure in spear-phishing emails designed to infiltrate government agencies in the country, of which a successful attack has led to the compromise of the Afghan National Security Council (NSC).

According to a report published by Check Point Research (CPR) on Thursday, this is just the latest in a long-running operation that goes back as far as 2014, when the same threat actors also targeted the Central-Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

IndigoZebra first came to light in August 2017 when Kaspersky detailed a covert operation that singled out former Soviet Republics with a wide swath of malware such as Meterpreter, Poison Ivy RAT, xDown, and a previously undocumented piece of malware called xCaon.

Dropbox is being abused as a form of C2 server in the latest version of this backdoor, dubbed “BoxCaon” by CPR.

Using the legitimate Dropbox API helps to mask the malicious traffic in the target’s network, researchers said, given that there are no communications with oddball websites showing up.

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