Cyber Helpline Receives Lottery Funding to Assist Growing Number of Victims

Cyber Helpline Receives Lottery Funding to Assist Growing Number of Victims

The Cyber Helpline, a volunteer organization that delivers emergency help to victims of cybercrime and cyber-stalking in the united kingdom, has been given £10,000 in lottery funding.

The team said the money will be utilized to encourage its helpline and chatbox solutions, with demand increasing rapidly as a result of increasing levels of cybercrime after the change to electronic during COVID-19. Including further investment to its chatbot technology, which implies 24/7 service is available to sufferers, in addition to allowing the onboarding of volunteers as helpline responders to manage live cybercrime difficulties.

The Cyber Helpline was formed many years back in reaction to a lack of aid for cybercrime sufferers in the united kingdom and now provides a practical aid to approximately 400 victims each month. It’s a team of 50 volunteer cybersecurity specialists.

It noted common problems it reacts to comprise cyber-stalking, lost apparatus, hacked accounts, online bullying, and harassment, and sextortion.

Rory Innes, the creator of this Cyber Helpline, commented: “We are thrilled the National Lottery Community Fund has acknowledged our job this manner. Now, thanks to National Lottery players, we’ll have the ability to encourage hundreds of more victims of cybercrime in the united kingdom and relieve the acute emotional and financial burden caused by these strikes. In a time once the nation is experiencing a federal lockdown and financial hardship amid redundancies and shut companies, we view our mission of developing a nation where the cyber-criminals don’t triumph as more significant than ever before.”

Back in August, INTERPOL discovered that cybercrime is increasing at an”alarming rate” as a consequence of COVID-19, while before this past week, McAfee demonstrated that total worldwide losses from cybercrime have surpassed 1tn.

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