Many of the top software programs are hacked with new and never-before-seen exploits at this season’s version of this Tianfu Cup — China’s biggest and most esteemed hacking contest.

Winning hacker group pockets 744,500$ in the Tianfu Cup, China’s leading hacking competition.

Held at the city of Chengdu, in central China, the next variant of this Tianfu Cup finished earlier now.

“Many older and difficult goals are pwned with this year’s competition,” organizers said now. Successful exploits were verified against:

  • Windows 10 v2004 (April 2020 edition)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Ubuntu
  • TP-Link and ASUS router firmware
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Docker (Community Edition)
  • VMWare EXSi (hypervisor)
  • iOS 14 running on an iPhone 11 Pro
  • QEMU (emulator & virtualizer)

Fifteen groups of Chinese hackers engaged in this year’s version. Contestants had three attempts of five minutes every day to hack into a chosen target with a first exploit.

iOS, Windows 10, Chrome, and Lots of others fall at China's top hacking Competition
Image:Tianfu Cup

For every successful attack, researchers obtained financial benefits that varied based upon the goal they picked and the vulnerability kind.

All exploits were reported on the software suppliers, per competition regulations, modeled following the principles of the more recognized Pwn2Own hacking contest that’s been occurring in the west because the late 2000s.

Patches for all of the bugs shown over the weekend will be supplied in the coming days and months, as it generally occurs after every TianfuCup and Pwn2Own competition.

Much like the past year, the winning team came from Chinese technology giant Qihoo 360.

Position third and second would be the Ant Financial Lightyear Security Lab and safety researcher Pang.

Priyanshu Vijayvargiya

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'Virtualattacks Inc' Priyanshu Vijayvargiya is a cybersecurity analyst, Information Security professional, developer, and a white hat hacker.

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