LinkedIn officially signs EU's Code against Online Hate speech takedown

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is committed to doing more for the quick removal of illegal hate speech on its platform in the European Union, officially signing up a self-regulation initiative, which is trying to tackle the problem through a voluntary code of conduct.

LinkedIn, on Friday, joined the European Union voluntary code of conduct against the fight of illegal hate speech on the Internet, with its parent company, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google’s YouTube. 

In a statement today, the European Commission announced that the professional social network has joined the EU’s Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online, with justice commissioner, Didier Reynders, welcoming LinkedIn’s participation, and adding in a statement that the code “is and will remain an important tool in the fight against hate speech, including within the framework established by digital services legislation”.

“I invite more businesses to join so that the online world is free from hate,” Reynders added.

Set up by the European Commission five years ago, the EU code also has the support of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Dailymotion,, and Tiktok.

As a LinkedIn name, is not formally associated with the voluntary code so far, it said that it “supports” the efforts by the parent company, Microsoft, which had already joined it. 

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