Near Up to 350,000 Spotify Users Targeted by Credential Stuffers

Near Up to 350,000 Spotify Users Targeted by Credential Stuffers

Security researchers have assisted Spotify handles a potentially considerable credential stuffing campaign after having an unsecured cloud database containing hundreds of millions of consumer records.

The group at vpnMentor discovered that the database was hosted on an unsecured Elasticsearch server back on July 3.

The 72GB information trove comprised over 380 million recordings, such as email addresses, states of residence, and usernames and passwords for Spotify users. It maintained about 300,000-350,000 users were changed.

“The vulnerable database belonged to another party which has been using it to save Spotify login credentials.

“As a result of our query, Spotify pioneered a rolling reset’ of passwords for many users changed. Consequently, the info on the database could be voided and eventually become useless.”

In addition to utilizing the broken credentials to target different websites from credential stuffing campaigns, any malicious celebrities that found that the database might have sought to market Spotify premium account accessibility, or launching follow-on phishing and identity theft efforts utilizing these details and consumer mails.

“Credentials are a specific place where users are left vulnerable since they choose weak passwords, or reuse them over various websites,” claimed Javvad Malik, safety consciousness advocate at KnowBe4.

“This is the reason why consumers must understand the significance of picking distinctive and powerful passwords across their account and where accessible empower and utilize MFA.

This way, even when an account is compromised, it’s impossible for attackers to use those credentials to breach different accounts”

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