Networking equipment vendor Belden Reveals data breach

Belden says hackers obtained a restricted number of the firm’s servers.

American media equipment seller Belden stated it had been hacked at a press launch published before this past week.

Belden claims that the security breach happened after hackers gained access to a restricted number of its servers.

The intrusion was discovered after the organization’s IT personnel discovered unusual activity between the endangered servers. A subsequent study revealed the intrusion had reproduced data of some former and current employees, in addition to limited business data about some business partners.

Belden is currently advising clients and workers whose information it considers was subjected to the episode.

“We regret any inconvenience or complications this event may have caused and are providing help to those people who might have been affected”

The organization, which makes media, sound, and video cables, media racks & cabinets, in addition to various cable adapters,” stated the intrusion didn’t have some effect on its production plants, quality management operations, or transport, all of which are working normally.

Belden said it is currently working together with cyber-security companies and law enforcement to inquire into the incident.

Since many security breaches now have regularly become ransomware attacks, Belden hasn’t made any remark about the intention of these intruders to set up ransomware.

Based on information supplied by threat intelligence company KELA, credentials for Belden reports are around the cybercrime underground since April this year, though it’s uncertain if they’ve been utilized to orchestrate this violation.

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