Big Tech Giants formed Ransomware Task Force

Big Tech Giants formed Ransomware Task Force

Recently founded Ransomware Task Force will work together with a standard framework for Tackle ransomware attacks.

A group of 19 technology and security Giants and vendors, non-profit, have declared on Monday to make a new coalition to Tackle combatting ransomware.

Named the Ransomware Task Force (RTF), the new team will Focus on assessing existing technical options that provide protections throughout a ransomware attack.

The Ransomware Task Force (RTF) is the brainchild of Bay Area company the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) and will see member associations combine to provide”clear recommendations for both private and public actions which will significantly Reduce the Chances of Threat posed by this cybercriminal and Threat actors.”

“The RTF will assess existing solutions at varying levels of the ransomware kill chain, identify gaps in solution application, and create a roadmap of concrete objectives and actionable milestones for high-level decision-makers,” said the IST.

The result should be a standardized framework for Tackle with ransomware attacks across verticals, based on an industry consensus Instead Of individual advice received from lone contractors.

Big Tech Giants formed Ransomware Task Force

Members Declared at the official launch On Monday

  • Aspen Digital (policy maker group)
  • Citrix (networking equipment vendor)
  • The Cyber Threat Alliance (cybersecurity industry sharing group)
  • Cybereason (security firm)
  • The CyberPeace Institute (non-profit dedicated to helping victims of cyberattacks)
  • The Cybersecurity Coalition (policy maker group)
  • The Global Cyber Alliance (non-profit dedicated to reducing cyber risk)
  • The Institute for Security and Technology (policy maker group)
  • McAfee (security firm)
  • Microsoft (security firm)
  • Rapid7 (security firm)
  • Resilience (cyber insurance provider)
  • SecurityScorecard (compliance and risk management)
  • Shadowserver Foundation (non-profit security organization)
  • Stratigos Security (cybersecurity consulting)
  • Team Cymru (threat intelligence)
  • Third Way (think tank)
  • UT Austin Stauss Center (research group)
  • Venable LLP (law firm)

The 19 First founding members Represent That the RTF’s dedication to putting together a diverse team of experts:

The Ransomware Task Force site, including complete membership information and leadership functions and Roles, will be released next month, in January 2021 followed by a two-to-three month sprint to get the task force off the ground.

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