Russia declines Microsoft claims of healthcare cyber attacks

Russia declines Microsoft claims of healthcare cyber attacks

Russia on Tuesday vehemently reduces claims by Microsoft that Russia was behind cyberattacks on businesses exploring coronavirus vaccines and remedies, stating that it had been made a scapegoat.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told state news agency RIA Novosti it had become “politically fashionable” to pin the blame for cyber attacks on Russia.

Russia declared in August that it had enrolled the world’s very first coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V — called after the Soviet-era satellite — but did so before large-scale clinical trials.

In October, President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia had registered its next coronavirus vaccine, EpiVacCorona.

“We don’t require anything aside from a standard approach towards the jobs we have in Russia and are encouraging including in collaboration with overseas partners,” Ryabkov explained.

Ryabkov also promised that Russian firms were regularly getting targets of overseas cyber attacks.

He said Russia and the United States should let specialists research the situation.

“But, Washington has steered clear of these dialogs,” Ryabkov added.
Last week, Microsoft urged a crackdown on cyber-attacks committed by countries and”malign actors” following a spate of hacks disrupted health care organizations battling the coronavirus.

The US technology giant said the strikes came from Russia and North Korea.

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