Shutterfly Suffers Conti Ransomware Attack

Photography company Shutterfly announced that it has been suffered from a ransomware attack that had impacted some services.

In a statement, the company said portions of the Lifetouch and BorrowLenses business were affected. They experienced interruptions with Groovebook, manufacturing offices, and some corporate systems as well.

“We engaged third-party cybersecurity experts, informed law enforcement, and have been working around the clock to address the incident,” the company wrote in the statement. “As part of our ongoing investigation, we are also assessing the full scope of any data that may have been affected.”

The company also noted that the, Snapfish, Spoonflower, and TinyPrints sites were not affected.

While the company was not aware as of Sunday what data had been compromised, it emphasized that credit card numbers, other financial information, and Social Security numbers were not stored by Shutterfly.

Conti began leaking information it stole to a leak site, according to Bleeping Computer, which added that the attack started about two weeks ago and involves a ransom demand in the millions.

“However, understanding the nature of the data that may have been affected is a key priority and that investigation is ongoing,” Shutterfly said.

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