October 6, 2022
UAE views Israel as a Tactical cybersecurity partner, says head of the national cyber authority

UAE views Israel as a Tactical cybersecurity partner, says head of the national cyber authority

“We would like to know from Israel. You’ve built an extremely successful ecosystem that comprises the invention of technologies, with little and midsize businesses which become large entities and help all of the systems and also strengthen cybersecurity throughout the Earth, creating a safe and secure environment for many companies to function inside,” Mohammad Al Kuwaiti, the Executive Director of the UAE’s National Electronic Security Authority stated in a meeting with Calcalist.

“Israel has the best talent in the field and we are working together to protect the digital space,” said Mohammad Al Kuwaiti

He held different positions there such as the Executive Director of Operations Evaluation and Cyber Security.

“The UAE moved from being a digital authority to being a cellular government and a wise government. The visionaries within our direction are now pushing to develop into artificial intelligence authorities,” explained Al Kuwaiti. “We need all of our citizens to have the ability to conduct their business enterprise and action on their mobile phone.”

Occasionally it’s tough to recognize which nation the assault is coming from and that requires a whole lot of work,” explained Al Kuwaiti.

Israeli cybersecurity firms were busy in the UAE during their global branches before the nations agreed to establish full diplomatic relations last summer. But, Al Kuwaiti explained that action has intensified considerably since Abraham Accords have been signed.

“We’ve begun to signal many small business arrangements, not only in sectors like agriculture, health care, and petroleum and gasoline but also in sectors like cybersecurity, engineering digitization and maybe even schooling,” explained Al Kuwaiti.

“A great deal of little and medium-sized Israeli companies are coming into the UAE searching for relationships and partners. Israel gets the best ability in the area and we’re working together to shield the digital distance. That’s our passion and we’re planning to expand this.

“The hardware and software products Israeli businesses have assembled help us reinforce our current capabilities.”

Among the known qualities of Israeli entrepreneurs is their chutzpah. How can this directness match in with the company culture in the UAE?

“This matches lots of the items we’ve got here. There’s direct access to the direction here and everyone can meet them. Our leadership ensures there are no barriers between companies and people and the authorities and the direction and that generates trust.

That’s what we’re searching for and people are the very best characteristics from the Israeli companies we have here now.”

One Israeli firm that allegedly works from the UAE is currently NSO Group, the developer of this Pegasos spying program.

“I have read many statements and accusations. What I do understand is that NSO provides a tool which may help federal security bodies to resist terrorism. Terrorism has hurt us both and Israel.

In case NSO, or other businesses, can supply tools which assist in this battle without damaging an individual’s solitude, and together with the consent of their courts, and are used by law enforcement agencies, that’s something which may avoid terror and also save lives”

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