Top 6 dark web search engines to surf the dark web 

1. Ahmia

Ahmia is one of the best dark web search engines because it has a very large index of onion sites. It also has a simple and easy-to-use interface. 

2. Not Evil

Not Evil is another great dark web search engine. It has a very user-friendly interface and allows you to search for sites by keyword or category

3. Candle

A candle is another excellent dark web search engine. However, Candle also includes a searchable database of pastebins, which can be useful for finding information that has been posted on the dark web

4. Torch

Torch Also known as TorSearch, it claims to be the oldest search engine residing on the dark web along with indexing over a billion pages giving it considerable brownie points 


DuckDuckGo is a good general-purpose search engine that can also be used to access the dark web. It includes a feature that allows you to automatically encrypt your searches, which can help to protect your privacy


Haystak claims itself as having indexed over 1.5 billion pages, it sure does deserve a place on the list 

So These are the top 6 dark web search engines that you can use to surf the dark web