Bully 2 Files, GTA 5 Source Code, and GTA 6 Code Allegedly Leaked
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There seems to have been another leak targeting Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto 5’s whole source code may have been leaked, according to several reports. Moreover, it has been reported that files and codes for GTA 6 may have been leaked, along with information about a speculated Bully sequel. Of note, last week saw the sentence of an indefinite hospital prison for the hacker who assisted in the leak of GTA 6 gameplays from the previous year. In response to a leak that circulated the trailer online, the GTA 6 trailer was even unveiled fifteen hours early.

The GTA 5 source code is included, displaying an early version of the game’s map. Additionally, it implies that GTA 6 was formerly known as “Project Americas.” A file for Bully 2, which is reportedly going to be released as the follow-up to 2006’s Bully, is also visible in the leak.

The full scope of the leak is unknown, but it is anticipated to cause several technical problems, such as the postponement of the release of games like Grand Theft Auto 6. In response to the leak, Rockstar Games has not yet released a statement.

The largest leak in gaming history occurred in September 2022 when teenage hacker Arion Kurtaj released over ninety videos. Based on a mental evaluation, he was given an indefinite sentence to hospital prison last week.

One of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor, and a jet pack were mentioned in a database file that was leaked in November of this year. Additionally, a string about Bully 2, which has been long-rumored to be in development, was leaked. A 2018 report had earlier stated that the sequel would be out that year. Regarding Bully 2, no formal announcement has been made as of yet.

Online Rumour: Rockstar Files and the Source Code for GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto 5 source code and a plethora of other highly sensitive documents from Rockstar Games may have been leaked online, according to reports that have surfaced in an unexpected and noteworthy development. Following early reports from last year that suggested a partial leak of GTA 5’s source code, this incident has occurred.

Due to multiple security lapses that have disrupted its business, Rockstar Games has had a turbulent year. A network intrusion that shook the company last year resulted in the unapproved release of almost an hour of gameplay from the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. The situation deteriorated recently when the developers were forced to release the caravan ahead of schedule after another leak upset their plans for a big caravan reveal. With this most recent leak, it seems that Rockstar Games is up against an even bigger obstacle.

The GTA 5 source code has been made public after an earlier exchange between individuals, according to a recent tweet from GTA Focal. The 4GB file that was leaked today is reportedly mostly made up of code, but there has yet to be a full version that includes the entire source found. The creation and operation of the game could be made possible by this large source file, which contains assets and 3D models. Considering the complete source’s size— estimated to be about 200GB—leakage seems less straightforward.

Even though the original link has been taken down, the source code is already making the rounds on several social media sites. Take-Two Interactive is allegedly working hard to take down online links that lead to the Grand Theft Auto 5 source code in the meantime. Despite this, rumors are circulating that hackers are discussing whether or not to make this massive 200GB source file public. The key distinction is that the files have only recently been made public, but otherwise, the incident is thought to be related to the same security breach that happened a year ago.

The situation gets worse when it is discovered that the leak contains parts of the code from GTA 6 as well as files from the much-anticipated but never-released Bully 2. The leak also reveals several unreleased DLCs, such as the GTA 5 Trevor expansion, which was also mentioned in earlier leaks. A map from an abandoned project called “Agent,” which was allegedly inspired by the James Bond films, has also been discovered.

The ramifications of this leak are especially bad since it gives hackers the ability to find and take advantage of security holes in the source code, which could allow them to remotely run code on players’ computers. This puts players’ safety in grave danger because GTA Online may quickly turn into a dangerous place to be. Fans have also pointed out that the timing falls during the holidays, when a lot of developers are probably on vacation, which could make things worse for Rockstar Games and its development team.

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