Ransomware Attack Affected Spider-Man 2 Developer Insomniac Games
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The developer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the next Wolverine game, Insomniac Games, is allegedly the target of a ransomware attack.

Potential victims of a ransomware attack include Sony’s Insomniac Games. Following the triumphant release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the excitement surrounding its Wolverine game, the studio has had a successful few months. A cyberattack seems to have drawn unwanted attention to Insomniac amidst its increasing popularity.

Over the years, for a variety of reasons, attackers have frequently targeted well-known video game studios. Cyberattacks have affected gaming companies of all sizes in the last year alone, including Riot Games, Bandai Namco, and CD Projekt Red. When the hacker released GTA 6 content, a year before the official trailer was even released, not even a studio like Rockstar was safe from cyberattacks. It suggests that cybercriminals are targeting the video game industry with more aplomb, and sadly for Insomniac Games, they seem to be the most recent addition to that list.

Ransomware Attack Targets Insomniac Games, Exposes Online Data Regarding Marvel’s Wolverine

According to reports, the ransomware operator Rhysida has compromised Insomniac Games, the well-known developer of the immensely popular Marvel Spider-Man franchise among many other games.

This isn’t your average attack, though, because the perpetrators have leaked some of the business’s “secret” information, including screenshots of the studio’s next project, Marvel’s Wolverine, which reveal character designs purportedly created for the game. Additionally, a leak of the personal data of both current and former studio employees has been made public. A data breach in the ransomware attack carried out by the group Rhysida has also been observed by Yuri Lowenthal, the voice actor of Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

It has been observed on multiple occasions in the past that ransomware attacks on game studios destroy the entire environment for both developers and players. We sincerely hope Insomniac Games manages to get out of this situation and stops any more private information from appearing online. Reminder: Wolverine from Marvel will be available on the PlayStation 5. Although a release date is not yet known, it is anticipated to occur in 2024 or 2025.

In addition, Rhysida says she has screenshots and character art for Insomniac’s highly anticipated action-adventure game, Marvel’s Wolverine, which is presently in development. The hackers claim to have obtained character artwork for additional Marvel characters that will make appearances in the game, according to reports. According to Rhysida’s leak site on the dark web, Insomniac Games has seven days to reply, failing which all of the information will be made public. The information is being auctioned off by the collective at the same time, with a starting bid of 50 Bitcoin (about $2 million) going to the highest bidder.

“With just 7 days on the clock, seize the opportunity to bid on exclusive, unique, and impressive data,” Rhysida said. “Open your wallets and be ready to buy exclusive data. We sell only to one hand, no reselling, you will be the only owner!”

This year, Sony, the company that owns Insomniac Games, has already experienced two hacks. In May, there happened the first incident. Somebody claimed to have stolen the data of almost seven thousand workers, both current and past. Then in September, a different group claimed to have infiltrated the entire business in one go.

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